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Avenue Montagne & Lounge

Avenue Montagne proposes creative dishes using only local produce. Inspired by the constant changing of the seasons, our chefs use the finest ingredients in their unique recipes.

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Enjoy a warm atmosphere in an inviting and relaxed setting with a log fire, delicately seasoned meats and deliciously fragrant spices. Chubut, where the food will take you on an unforgettable adventure.

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Park 29
Park 29 by night

Park 29

Full of flowers and vegetation, Park 29 is a real little corner of paradise right in the heart of Park Gstaad. Around a table or in the hollow of the fire, the warm atmosphere is ideal for a drink or a snack. Its menu offers a selection of dishes for a light meal.

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Golf Restaurant

Would you like to take a break and enjoy a meal at the Golf restaurant or on its panoramic terrace? Since this summer, Park Gstaad has taken over the management of the restaurant at Golfclub Gstaad-Saanenland in Saanenmöser. To this effect, our chef Riccardo Schievano has prepared a menu of dishes with traditional tastes while adding his personal touch.

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Golf course

Panoramic Terrace

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Golf restaurant

Cigar Lounge

Furnished with deep Chesterfield armchairs, the Cigar Lounge is the place to sit back and relax. Choose from a selection of Cuban cigars, sip on an exclusive cognac or enjoy a unique blend of ceremoniously prepared tobacco from a modern stainless steel shisha.

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The Caveau is home to a selection of rare and sumptuous wines to be discovered under the guiding eye of our sommelier. With its red lacquer walls, its magnificent table and a menu of delicious local produce, guests can taste the finest fare in a unique environment.

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Chalet Waldhuus

Nestled in the hotel’s garden, this cosy wooden chalet offers delicious local specialities in Swiss rustic mountain atmosphere. A wide selection of fondues and raclettes are available for an authentic culinary experience.

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