Summer at the Park Gstaad

Discover what the Park Gstaad has to offer this summer

Sleep at the Park Gstaad

This summer, make the best of your luxurious alpine stay! Away from the hustle and bustle, the Park Gstaad is a dream destination for visitors looking to relax, unwind and enjoy all the refined relaxation of summer in the mountains. 

With Park Gstaad lies the promise of an idyllic summer; a unique experience that can be enjoyed as a family, in a couple or alone, with all the contemporary comforts of a beautiful century-old residence like no other.

Park Gstaad
Hiking in Family


Hiking, cycling, mountain biking, climbing, swimming, horseback riding, or sightseeing, Gstaad and its surroundings offer dozens of activities perfectly suited to families and couples.

The village will host this year's:
- The Swatch Beach Volleyball Major Series
- The 62nd Menuhin Festival
- The J. Safra Sarasin Swiss Open Gstaad
- The Polo Gold Cup.

Park Gstaad also offers many events and activities. Let's celebrate together the Swiss National Day.